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You can see

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It was not always like this.

In fact, I was not planning for it to be like this..

I was a Goalless individual that flows with whatever life throws at me.

A trench kid with no purpose

Broke and literally have nothing to live for.

Until I take charge of my life and am ready to see what I was destined for.

But behold

It's a tough journey..

You know that phrase that goes

"Before you make money, you have to spend money".

It's definitely true and I'm NOT on the advantage side of it.

To get myself together,

I need to make money

And I have no money to make that money

The country makes it seems like impossible

My First Failure.

You see at some point in 2019, I heard about a course that looks promising

  • People claimed to have made awesome money and this and that.
  • They get paid every Friday
  • You can make money and quit you job
  • You can fire your boss and leave that 9-5

And all those Bogus Claims…

Foolish me !

Without further questions.

I enrolled…


I wasn't foolished because without that, I wouldn't be here today.

Collected debt and all to pay the sum of


And after the payment, I was told I'm supposed to sell the course to another person to make my money..

Oh damn!

I tried and tried and tried.

But Nah! Looks like I've burnt my #50,000

  • Watch the videos in the course for hours that I developed back ache.
  • Wrote all the processes and all that my book is filled and my wrist pained the hell out of me.
  • Feel stressed and Overwhelming
  • Coupled with too many processes.


My Second Failure.

After some months,

Another platforms come out and with all my believe and efforts

I paid again

Still yet nothing.

Not far before the rise of RACKSTERLI

It seems legit,

Davido is involved

With all the proves, I put all my money into it.

After a while , boom !

The website crashed

Back to square one

Almost gave up with my life but then,

I discovered what I'm about to share with you and it changed my life almost like a switch.

  • Made over ONE MILLION NAIRA in a MONTH
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The Deep Knowledge You're Not Exposed To.

This commission BLUEPRINT is what thousands of people are already doing

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Some called it The Commission Bible while some called it Affiliate Marketing…

I know what you're thinking ..


Yes! You're right..

NO Doubt!

Affiliate Marketing is hard,

Building a great sales Funnel is complicated.

Even more frustrating when you want to be profitable.

You want people to buy and it just seems like you're not doing anything.

You just found out there are so many moving parts involved when it comes to Affiliate Marketing..

  • Social media,
  • SEO,
  • Content creation,
  • Email marketing,
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Technical setup

You are or can easily get overwhelmed by the diversity of the tasks and as a result, Go back to your mediocre life.

You then end up making pennies online, or even nothing.

far from what others are making….

Like this

Actually most people attempting the affiliate marketing thing are still stuck in their day job..

Or doing some 9-5 jobs they do not really enjoy doing..

Why ?

No results.

Sounds like you ?

I've been there for over 3 years until I decided to fix this issue...

Have you ever asked yourself these questions:

  • How does a 17 years old boy claim to have made so much money ?
  • How can I transform this average life to a life where everything is going just fine?
  • What is the best way to earn dollars without getting a headache?
  • Should I focus on my email list next? Or create my first product? Or just sell anything? I am lost!
  • Sales and Marketing
  • How do I sell to people without looking like a sleazy 2nd hand car salesman?

I have asked myself these questions Many times.

And I have grinded to find the answer to all these questions through trial and error,

wasted weeks,


thousands of dollars

and gallons of sweat (yuk)

But you won't have to.

That's why I constantly work on collecting the answer to those questions…

from the best minds in this Commission BLUEPRINT Industry.

and combines them all under one roof into digestible implementation tracks for my pro members..

Different PLATFORM



Proven, FAST, EASY and auto pilot system…

And we have spent


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A Digital Marketing Specialist and Sales Coach. Did almost 20 Million Naira in sales within the space of 11 Months using the Commission BLUEPRINT system.




An online coach and sales closer... Did over 20 million naira in sales in 9 months as an affiliate while visiting beautiful places in the world…. (All done with the Commission BLUEPRINT system




A Digital Marketer, Lead Generation Expert, and Sales and Marketing Coach.

Did 18 million naira in sales within the space of 10 months using the Commission BLUEPRINT system.




A software engineer with 7+ years of experience developing awesome applications for national and international organizations.



After our 18 months long research,

We put together everything in this Commission BLUEPRINT and make it a one program..

That helps anybody (Beginner or Novice) achieve results FASTER and EASIER..

And we named this program



Well ! Everything you need to build a successful money generating system that runs on autopilot.

Module 1: Developing the Successful Mindset

  • Understanding the mindset required for success in affiliate marketing

Module 2: Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

  • Exploring the core concepts and principles of affiliate marketing

Module 3: The Role of an Affiliate Marketer

  • Understanding the responsibilities and tasks involved in affiliate marketing

Module 4: Types of Affiliate Products

  • Explaining the different types of products that can be promoted as an affiliate
  • Providing a clear understanding of digital products through real-life examples

Module 5: Effective Product Selection

  • Strategies and techniques for selecting profitable affiliate products to promote

Module 6: Copying and Shortening Product Links*

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to copy and shorten affiliate product links for efficient tracking and management

Module 7: Platform Navigation and Management*

  • How to Navigate the platform effectively
  • Understanding the key features and tools available on these platforms

Module 8: Lead Generation Strategies

  • Exploring effective methods for generating leads in affiliate marketing
  • Free and Paid Traffic Sources
  • Discovering both free and paid traffic sources to drive targeted visitors to affiliate offers
  • Leveraging on Social Media platforms such as WhatsApp and Twitter for marketing purposes

Module 9: Advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok

  • Utilizing Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok ads to reach a wider audience and increase conversions

Module 10: Web Design for Affiliate Marketers

  • Landing Page Creation
  • Website Creation

Module 11: Copywriting, Sales Closing Techniques & Sales Funnels

  • Learning effective methods for closing sales and maximizing conversions

Module 12: Offer Creation and Promotion Strategies

  • Creating compelling offers that resonate with the target audience
  • Implementing effective promotion techniques for affiliate products

Module 13: Video Editing for Affiliate Marketing

  • Developing essential video editing skills for creating engaging marketing content and how to monetize it

Module 14: Graphic Design for Affiliate Marketers

  • Exploring graphic design principles and creating visually appealing promotional materials

Module 15: Utilizing Chat GPT for Marketing

  • Harnessing the power of Chat GPT for customer engagement and automated marketing processes

Module 16: WhatsApp Marketing

Module 17: Understanding Basic Terminologies in Affiliate marketing..



Remember, I told you earlier that you're not gonna be breaking the bank to learn this from us

In fact !

We are ready to give it out for almost FREE

But we have to get this letter to so many people before they fall into another Scam.

Even as expensive as this COMMISSION BLUEPRINT SYSTEM worth.

Just imagine us

Showing you how to build the foundation for your own life-long Internet income stream.

We've cut this information to the bone and only deliver to you what is proven.. to work regardless of the market or niche you are interested in.

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  • Premium Tools Used By Top Marketers to get results
  • Autoresponder Premium
  • Pixellab
  • Inshort
  • Autosave contact

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  • Access To Our Support Group Where We’ll Be Having Our 7 Figure Weekly Coaching Calls
  • And time to time access to ask questions and connect with people of like minds

Value: $700 monthly 


  • Access to learn how to create top-notch flyers and be a professional graphic design with your smartphone
  • You will also be learning how to create and edit videos for yourself and for people, and you get paid for it
  • Also, you will learn how to monetize this skill as well

Value: $50

Now! How much do you think this Commission BLUEPRINT is worth again??

$100 ?

$200 ?


Even $500

The truth is

This is more than $1,000 and that's what I'll charge soon if this page is brought down and I bring it back.

Why ?

We only want less people to enroll in it by the next time we bring it back.

But now

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Yes !

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You're not sure of jumping into this ??

What do you have to lose ??

  • You're born in Nigeria
  • You're born into average family
  • This Tinubu recession is hitting hard on you

The government is most likely working against your success with different rules

And you don't know if you want to get out of this ????

Many Graduates can't even secure a job after their whole stressful life in university and wasting one year in the NYSC…

See the statistics…

And of course, if you know politics, you will know these numbers are more,

It is just adjusted to be politically correct…

Adjusted so people will not start a protest?

Well, it is now common knowledge that the government has failed us.

The system has failed us.

And it is time you realize that “no one can save you except YOU.”

Nobody owes you anything.